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Rebuilding America...One Road At A Time!

Geauga Highway Co. specializes in innovative reconstruction and preservation of Rural Highways throughout Ohio and Western Pennsylvania. Our expertise is in surface treatments including Chip Seals, Pre Paving Chip Sealing and Cold Mix Paving.

Chip Seals and Cold Mixes provide a stable, cost effective preservation treatment that keeps our rural roadways safe and in good condition for the driving public. Geauga Highway Co. has a proven track record of highest quality and workmanship in providing these treatments to counties and townships in our market area.

GHC's innovative chipseal and cold mix systems provide superior and cost effective solutions when compared to conventional treatments.

We also manufacture specialty pre-coated aggregate materials which are used for chip seals, cold mixes and other pavement treatments.

Milling & Profiling
Milling & Profiling

Geauga Highway's milling machines are late model high capacity and high production. Not only do we mill our own prime bid projects we also offer quotes to contractors and owners for by the day,hour and square yard to meet any projects needs. We also offer on demand service when unexpected scheduling issues arise.

We also can include in our Milling Serivces:

Clean up including Castings, Butt joints , sweeping and mini mill.

Trucking from job site to dump.

Credit for millings to Geauga Highway's plants. 

Per Day Quotes Available

Road Base Stabilization
Road Base Stabilization

When roadways and pavements too damaged for surface treatments and/or repairs, Asphalt Pulverizing offers an economical way to fully rehabilitate a road with minimum traffic disruption. 

GHC's unique pulverization method utilizes specially blended asphalt cold mix paving across the desired section followed by milling machines that blends the CMA with the existing roadway to a desired depth. A grader or a paver is used to re-profile the pavement prior to being compacted. 

This process adds strength and stability to pavement and disrupts and minimizes reflective cracking. 

Road Based Stabilization is typically around 50% less than a total rehabilitation cost. 

The finished surface can be topped with chip seal or hot mix.

Chip Seals

Chip Sealing is one of the singular most cost effective methods of pavement preservation. This process seals out the elements and prolongs pavement life.

Geauga Highway Co. offers innovative chip seal technology utilizing various methods to meet your roadway needs. We use polymer emulsions and /or hot applied binders with a range of virgin and pre-coated aggregate blends to provide safe and durable treatments for your agency.

Our process offers:

  • Quick Aggregate
  • RetentionMinimum
  • Loose Aggregate
  • Minimum Dust
  • Smooth Drive Surface
  • Superior Color Retention
  • Shaded Street Performance 
  • Higher ADT Application
Cold Mix Paving

Cold mix is the best option for maintaining and preserving an aged roadway that may require extensive reconstruction.

Geauga Highway Co. Cold Mix Paving offers you an economical, high performance solution for longer lasting pavement over marginal base course. Our system provides a flexible and durable surface that gains early strength to provide quick access to traffic. Outperforms ODOT 405 coldmix.  

Cold in Place Recycling

Single Pass Recycling 



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